When a brand dates back to 1937 you know it has to be a classic.

Ray Ban sunglasses have been the world's leader and best selling sunglasses for years. All styles offer a variety of frame shapes and lens combinations from cool-around wraps, aviator, square and a variety of other shapes to compliment any face. All Ray Ban's offers the latest in lens technoogy with polarized lenses on some models, bringing you clear, crisp vision for ever changing light conditions.


S.O.S 27

■BRAND: RayBan
■MAKER: Bausch & Lomb
■MODEL: Wayfarer
■RARE: ☆☆☆
■VALUE: ☆☆☆

★58 [] 14

☆Frame: Upper Dark Orange Lower Light Orange
☆Lenses: Upper Dark Lower Light

■ATTACHMENT: B&L RayBan original Real Leather Case, Paper Tag

☆Made by Bausch & Lomb, USA. Come with Real Leather case.
☆The WAYFARER in Gold is very popular and so rare.


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